Message from the President

As professionals in the development, production, and sales of power supply products, our motto is "to offer safe and reliable, high quality products".

As environments around the world continue to change at a bewildering pace, consumer needs have also begun to diversify at a rapid pace. There is greater than ever demand for the development of products which are suited to these environmental changes, and the power supplies installed on these products will come to play an ever more vital role.

In light of these circumstances, PST puts particular focus on the "environment, health, and hygiene", "automation (robotics)", and "energy management fields", while always remaining mindful of being "people-friendly".
As a business which has mainly focused on the provision of value through the development of custom power supplies, we continually work to refine our "high voltage power supply (high voltage power device)", "inverter", and "charge and discharge control" technologies, which provide added value to our custom power supply products, in order to provide good products on a global scale.
In addition, PST values the happiness (safety and health) of each and every one of our employees just as much as providing added value for manufacturing.
We have established a set of guidelines called the "PST Way", and continually work to improve and promote communication within the company. We utilize non-core flex, work from home, and other systems to make working as flexible as possible for our employees. We value people, we value our associates, and we value our equipment and tools. I firmly believe that it is exactly because we maintain this type of corporate culture that we are able to value our customers and carry out manufacturing from a customer point of view.
In order to ensure that "PST's products" are the preferred choice of power supply for various products worldwide, we will continue to offer power supply products optimal for customer production needs; based on safety, security and high quality; as we continues to strive towards becoming the No. 1 power supply manufacturer in the world. One part of PST's management principles is to "create a hopeful and affluent society", and we will continue to explore new possibilities and aim to provide further value added creations for our customers, while also continuing to value people.

Power Supply Technology Co., Ltd.
President and CEO

Eiji Yamamoto

Management Philosophy

We contribute to people's happiness
through the creation of values
supporting customers.
We are trying to realize an affluent
society filled with dreams by extending
a safe and secure Monozukuri
to the whole world.

Business policy

  • Basic policy

    "Everything we do is for the customer"
    We will contribute to the value added improvement for customers by delivering
    the best "safe, secure and sophisticated power supplies".

  • Mission

    • ●Support customers to make product development more efficient with full-custom power supply backed by our advanced technology.
    • ●Solve customers' problems regarding design, production and services taking advantage of the comprehensive strength of nms Holdings Group.

Behavioral Norm

Basic policy 3C+C

We realize our management philosophy through:

  • Change

    Changing the conventional way of thinking

  • Challenge

    Taking on new challenges

  • Creation

    Creating a new tradition

  • Communication

    All employee manages by open-minded argument