Quality and assessment

We deliver reliable and safe products through our robust and thorough quality assurance system

At PST we focus on quality from the design stage and carry out production under a rigorous production management system in order to provide customers with high quality products that are safe and reliable.
We have established a thorough inspection system for finished products and guarantee quality in each inspection process while always remaining mindful of our "customer first quality assurance initiatives".
In addition, we implement a unique PST "spiraling-up" of the rigorous standards (design reviews and quality reviews) inherited from our predecessor businesses and utilize these unique standards to guarantee quality when carrying out mass production. We can also provide sample products at an equivalent level of quality as mass produced products. All of our divisions coordinate with the company working together as a whole to provide the highest quality products.

Our impressive collection of reliability testing equipment and analysis equipment helps support PST product quality

  • Reliability testing chambers

  • Reliability testing chambers

  • Large size constant temperature chamber

  • Thermal shock tester

  • Shielded room

  • Vibration testing room

  • X-ray fluoroscope

  • X-ray fluorescence spectrometer

  • 3D scanner type 3-dimensional measuring machine

Reliability testing equipment

Equipment name Summary
1 Thermal shock chamber -70~200℃
(HITACHI ES-107LH) 3 units
2 Constant low temperature chamber -70~100℃
3 Constant ultra low temperature and humidity chamber -70~100℃
4 Constant temperature and humidity chamber 10~100℃
60~98% RH
5 Constant temperature and humidity chamber -40~100℃
20~98% RH
(ESPEC PL-2KPH) 2 units
6 Constant temperature and humidity chamber -20~100℃
20~98% RH
7 Constant temperature and humidity chamber -20~100℃
20~98% RH
(ESPEC PH-2KT) 2 units
8 Small constant temperature and humidity chamber -20~130℃
30~95% RH
(ESPEC SH-220)
9 Constant temperature chamber 20~200℃
(ESPEC PV-220) 2 units
10 Constant temperature chamber 20~200℃
(ESPEC PH-100) 2 units
11 Constant temperature chamber 20~200℃
(ESPEC PH-200) 2 units
12 Constant temperature chamber ~300℃
13 Pressure cooker tester 105~162.2℃
75〜100% RH
14 Vibration test system
(IMV VS-1500A-140)
15 Vibration test system
(EMIC F-06000BM/FA/Z14)

Analysis equipment

Equipment name
1 X-ray fluoroscope
(Shimadzu Corporation SMX-1000plus)
2 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer(XRF)
(SII SEA1000A)
3 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer(XRF)
(Shimadzu Corporation EDX-8100)
4 Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer(FTIR)
(JASCO Corporation FT/IR-4X)
5 Projector
(Nikon Profile Projector V-12)
6 Cut-off machine
(Struers  Labotom-5)
7 Grinder
(Struers  Tegramin-20)
8 Digital microscope
9 Digital microscope
10 High Voltage C-V Measurement System
11 Laser scanning confocal microscope
12 Wide-area 3D measurement system head
13 3D scanner type 3-dimensional measuring machine
14 Roundness and Cylindrical Profile Measuring Instruments
15 Surface Roughness Measuring Instrument
(Kosaka Laboratory SE500A)
16 Measurement contour and surface roughness measuring system
17 Magnet roll magnetic characteristic analysis machine
(Magnet Force)