Integrated production

We provide the total solutions that only a dedicated power supply manufacturer can provide in order to support customer set development.

As a specialist power supply manufacturer, PST provides customers with full customization to suit their needs for products including switching power supplies, high voltage power supplies, high voltage transformers, magnet rolls, and battery packs. We can provide integrated production where everything from the initial consultation to development and design, production process design, production, quality assurance, prototyping, and mass production is all carried out in-house at our company.
We provide safe and reliable PST quality products to contribute to customers' set development efficiency.

  • 1.Proposal and preliminary meeting

  • 2.Development, design, prototyping

  • 3.Production process design

  • 4.Production

  • 5.Quality assurance

  • 6.Delivery

The outstanding production and packaging of our in-house factories

PST Foshan

Factory area 30,000㎡(5 story structure)