PST Solutions


We provide customers with custom products including switching power supplies, high voltage power supplies, high voltage transformers, magnet rolls, and battery packs.

Component technologies Circuits, devices, modules スイッチング電源 高圧電源 高圧トランス マグネットロール 電池パック
Circuit design and mounting technologies High efficiency power transformation technologies (resonance circuits/bidirectional circuits)

Microcontroller control technologies

Battery management systems (BMS)

Power device technologies High voltage transformers

Switching transformers

Case design technologies IP67 rated cases

Material technologies High thermal conductivity technologies PWSB-M modules

Magnetic technologies Highly magnetic materials

High precision metalworking technologies High precision sleeves

Switching power supplies


  • ●High capacity & high standby efficiency power supplies
  • ●Compact & lightweight power supplies
  • ●Dustproof & waterproof power supplies
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High voltage power supplies


  • ●Compact & multi-output high voltage power supplies
  • ●DC high voltage modules
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High voltage transformers


  • ●Compact, high voltage devices with high voltage insulating technologies
  • ●We offer a diverse range of high voltage transformers
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Magnet rolls


  • ●Flexible magnetic characteristics achieved through use of proprietary magnetic circuits
  • ●High precision functionality achieved through use of magnetic materials and high precision processing technologies
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Battery packs


  • ●Utilize highly reliable, made in Japan lithium ion batteries
  • ●Equipped with our company's proprietary BMS
  • ●Can be customized to suit your system requirements
    (Standalone BMS sales also available)
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