Magnet rolls

Magnet rolls


  • ●Flexible magnetic characteristics achieved through use of proprietary magnetic circuits
  • ●High precision functionality achieved through use of magnetic materials and high precision processing technologies


Item Range
Product specifications Sleeve outer diameter Φ14~Φ30
Sleeve length A4, A3 type
Number of poles 3P〜8P
Sleeve finish Sandblasted V-grooved Mirror finished

Production bases Mass production China, Thailand
Trial production Japan


  • Magnetic circuit technology

    Magnetic characteristics

    Toner conveyance characteristics
    Magnetic piece structure

  • Material technologies

    Magnetic materials

    High magnetic flux density ferrite

  • Precision processing technologies

    High precision

    Sleeve surface finishing

  • Solution

Message from magnet roll staff

I am in charge of magnet roll design and development.
Members of the design and all of our staff work earnestly to produce magnet roll products which achieve the magnetic waveforms required by our customers.
Customizing each individual product according to specifications has earned us great praise from many client design and development staff.

Design and Development Staff

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