Battery packs

PST battery pack features


  • ●Utilize highly reliable,
    made in Japan lithium ion batteries
  • ●Equipped with our proprietary BMS
  • ●Can be customized to suit your system requirements


  • Solutions

240 V lithium ion rechargeable battery pack
(mass produced product)


  • ●Automobile battery systems
  • ●Agricultural machinery, construction machinery
  • ●Industrial storage battery systems, etc.


  • Circuit technology

    • Voltage monitoring

      Equipped with an AFE for automobiles which can carry out highly precise monitoring up to 20 cells

    • Insulated communication

      Insulated communication system used for cell voltage line and low voltage line

    • Expandability

      Capable of carrying out monitoring of up to 96 in-series batteries by using a slave unit

  • Battery management systems

    • Condition monitoring

      SOC, SOH, SOP calculation

    • Error diagnostics

      Overvoltage, over discharge, overcurrent, overheating, communication errors, etc.

    • Charge control

      Stores charging parameters based on usage environment

Product specifications

Item Details
Size/weight L 835×W 407×H 283mm (Maximum external specifications)/99.8kg
Battery cell/configuration Laminated lithium ion battery/64 series×1 parallel
Nominal voltage/capacity 240V/32.5Ah
Watt-hour rated value 7.8kWh
Maximum continuous discharge current 20A *1
Instantaneous discharge potential current 20A *1
Usable temperature range -25~60℃ (-10 to 60℃ for PSE applications) *2
Storage temperature range -40~70℃
Maximum charge voltage 265.6V
Discharge cutoff voltage 160.0V
Communications specifications CAN2.0B(ISO11896) 500kbps
Protective functions Overvoltage, over discharge, overcurrent, overheating, communication errors, etc.
Built-in functions Condition monitoring (total voltage, cell voltage, cell current, cell temperature)
Insulation monitoring
Cell balancing
Main contactor open/close, pre-charge open/close, remaining
charge diagnostics(SOC), deterioration diagnostics(SOH)
Other functions Pack startup via CAN
Emergency service disconnection connector
Waterproof structure IPX6
  • *1 Limited by built-in 30 A fuse. Cells can continuously discharge up to 65 A.
  • *2 A function will trigger which stops charging and discharging if cell temperature falls out of usable temperature range.

Actual usage cases

Used in Nissan Motor Company, Ltd. camping cars.

The NV350 glamping car is an advanced camping car which has an interior equipped with an air conditioner, audio/video equipment, kitchen appliances and more, providing everything necessary for a comfortable living environment. PST has helped create this comfortable living environment by developing the battery packs that serve as the power source for many of these devices.

Message from battery pack staff

I am in charge of battery pack system development.
Customers are faced with a wide variety of issues, including hardware issues, software issues, and layout issues. We carry out daily development aimed at providing optimal battery packs to suit a variety of customer needs and applications. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation on reliable and safe, high quality battery packs to suit your needs.

System Development Staff

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